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Seo-blocksThe most simple explanation of SEO is making a website and its pages search engine friendly. This is done using keywords and text that accurately describe your pages and/or products. Palm 3 Ltd designs pages with this in mind, but there are many other factors to take into account.

Today’s search engines are very active and search the web every second of every day, looking for “new” or “fresh” content, as well as links, especially “social” links. Website owners who have a “social” presence such as FaceBook, Twitter, Google+1, YouTube, etc. have a leg up on their competition, because it’s like getting bonus points in the search engine lottery (or ranking systems), but only if they are inter-connected with a primary website.

seo-logoPalm 3 Ltd utilizes some very common practices to help your page get listed initially, but also offers options for better placement in the search engines. The question comes down to what is it worth to you to be found?

Businesses spend literally thousands of dollars each year in advertising, while not considering investment in the very best ad or tool they have – their website, and seldom consider adding some professional SEO to that site. We have a couple of inexpensive options available to help get your pages closer to the much desired 1st page, or #1 in the search engine results.

Can Palm 3 Ltd promise you #1, no, nor do we believe anyone else can, but some will go so far as to “guarantee” it. Unfortunately, it generally results in a bad economics lesson (empty wallet), and a undesirable taste in your mouth…

SEO Options

Palm 3 Ltd’s options are affordable and get some real results in upward movement in the search engines. This is due to the fact that we set your pages up initially to be search engine friendly, and build on that with a complementary (free) initial submission to the top 4 search engines, Google, Bing, Yahoo!, & Ask.

Tasks Involved In SEO

seo process
The image to the left should give you an idea of what is involved in these submissions is important, so that you can asses the value of this service, based on the action required and time spent in submitting a website.


  • Building a sitemap that lists each page in your site and submitting it to all 4 search engines
  • Creating valid backlinks to your site (this requires a physical address, keywords, description, hours of operation, category match, and an iconic logo)
  • Checking to make sure your site has not been Blacklisted by Google
  • Finally checking the search engines for links

As we mentioned earlier, we do this initially and upon account renewals (annually) gratis. Please understand, that upon submittal it may take up to 90 days to see results, based on the fact that they are reliant upon the ever evolving search engines, of which we have no control of. We also offer monthly or weekly submissions (essentially keeping you in the search engines in box – think squeaky wheel) for an additional fee as listed below.

seo specialists

Monthly SEO Service $160/yr (Reg. $220)
Optimized monthly submissions to Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and 85 other top rated search engines and directories.

Weekly SEO Service $200/yr (Reg. $300)
Optimized weekly submissions to Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and 85 other top rated search engines and directories.

Contact us today to get your website started upward in search engine listings! 

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